Christine Liebrecht (Tilburg University)

Dr. Christine Liebrecht is assistant professor at Tilburg University’s department of Communication and Cognition. Her research focuses on linguistic and content characteristics in online messages to create sustainable online relationships between different parties (e.g. organizations and customers) via CMC, such as social media and conversational AI. In her research, data of corpora are combined with computational and experimental approaches. Liebrecht’s work has been published in national and international peer-reviewed journals, such as Journal of Business Research, Journal of Language and Social Psychology, Information Processing & Management, and Linguistic Issues in Language Technology. She received several research grants among which a SBIR grant focusing on New technologies for inclusion and empowerment, and a NWO grant on Responsible Use of AI.
Sanne van ‘t Ooster (Archetype)

Archetype ( is an international communication and PR-agency that helps the world’s biggest brands in the tech industry by enhancing their brand knowledge. With its 650 curious and creative employees distributed over 20 offices worldwide, Archetype collaborates with brands that turn industries upside down to create the strongest “magnetic brands” in the world. This is done by providing strategic advice, creative solutions and support in the field of communication, PR and digital.
Renske van Enschot (Tilburg University)

Renske van Enschot is an Assistant Professor of Communication and Information Sciences (New Media Design) at Tilburg University. She obtained her PhD on visual rhetoric (Radboud University Nijmegen), after which she respectively worked at market research agency MetrixLab (research manager) and Radboud University (assistant professor) before arriving at her current position. Her research interests lie in the fields of interactive storytelling and visual metaphor. Renske teaches courses on interactive storytelling, misleading information and empirical aesthetics. She is co-editor of a handbook on text analysis.

Sven van Herk (Argus Productions)

We are #TeamArgus. We believe in talent with a passion for content and media. You do not necessarily have to have work experience in the media, but you do need an enthusiastic attitude and knowledge of sports, entertainment or news. Within our Academy, we train talent by providing training and making step-by-step plans for growth and advancement. In addition, we offer a varied work package with nice different clients, so that you can take a look in many media areas. In this way we prepare our employees for positions at the largest live sports events such as the Olympic Games and world championships. In addition, we are present at news platforms, entertainment productions and show business programs.
Jan Fokke Oosterhof
Jan Fokke Oosterhof is an entrepreneur, adventurer and public speaker. He has been sharing his stories of his expeditions and lifehacks he has picked up along the way for many extraordinary businesses and universities. He speaks on topics around personal leadership, risk management, passion, motivation and sustainability. Moreover, he is represented exclusively by his booking agency De Nieuwe Rede. When not on an expedition, he writes books and articles for magazines, he does motivational speaking, he provides lectures at universities and loves playing outside. In his workshop he will draw on the subject on how to become a successful influencer.

Sophie Versteeg – Loo van Eck

Have you ever explored your reader’s perspective? Have you ever wondered what your audience does or does not understand? Fear is one of the many emotions readers experience when presented with incomprehensible texts. As a trainer at Loo van Eck, my main goal is to help people. I encourage and support organisations to keep their communication plain and simple.
At Loo van Eck, our vision is simple: everybody has the right to understand. With that in mind, Loo van Eck helps people and organisations clarify their written and spoken communication. To achieve this, we offer workshops, training session and advice. Also, we (re)write texts, letters and create engaging animations.