This year National Day of Communication is organized by the Congress Commitee of the study association Ipso Facto from Wageningen University & Research.

Find out more here about the members of the Committee!

Hanna van de Heuvel - Chairwoman

My name is Hanna van den Heuvel and I am the chairwoman of this amazing committee. As a chair I plan and prepare meetings, have an overview of the organisational components of this congress, divide tasks and help out where I can. I am currently a third year Bsc Communication and Life Sciences student at the WUR, and I have always be intrigued by societal debate and public opinion. Recently I have found that both the public and politics seem to be polarising which makes it evermore difficult to have a respectful conversation with someone who holds another point of view than youdo. That is why I think the theme of this year’s congress is beyond important and definitely worth visiting!

Martina Boccardo - Treasurer

My name is Martina Boccardo, I am a master student if International Development Studies at the WUR. As I am following the specialization Communication and Inclusive Innovation, I joined this committee to actively engage with the organization of a congress that deals with communication issues and that gives the chance to students and professionals to learn and discuss more about this topics and its role in constructively address controversial issues such as vaccination, climate change, immigration, etc.

Rianne van Zandbrink - Contact person

My name is Rianne van Zandbrink and I’m 23 years old. Currently I’m a student of the master Communication, Health and Life Sciences, specialisation Communication and Innovation. During my bachelor Communication and Life Sciences I noticed that I’m very interested in nutrition and food and the conversations people have about for instance diets. Therefore, besides this master I’m also a student of the master Nutrition and Health in Wageningen. So if you see me, I would love to have a dialogue about food and nutrition!

Dorine de Gast - PR and Time manager

My name is Dorine, as a student of the Master’s program Communication, Health and Life Sciences at the WUR I am very interested in the role of communication within complex societal challenges. With a background in Animal Management, my main interests are animal welfare and nature conservation. To get more experience within the working field, I joined this amazing committee. My role is to take care of the promotion and you will find me during the NDC itself as the overall day manager. I am looking forward to see you there!

Joëlle de Raaff - Logistics

My name is Joëlle de Raaff, I am 23 years old and I am student of the master International Development Studies. I had big trouble choosing between the Sociology of Development  track and the Inclusive Innovation, Communication and Development track within this master. I chose the former, but love the possibility to join the Congrescie in order to still work with something communication-related. My role in the committee is to contact speakers and to organise everything related to the location where the National Day of Communication will take place.

Josephine Hoestra - Sponsoring

My name is Josephine, I initially joined this committee as the board representative of study association Ipso Facto but decided to stick around after my board year because of this committee’s great energy, drive, and members. I am very excited for this year’s NDC theme, as I am convinced that, being a communication sciences student at WUR myself, it truly reflects Wageningen University’s unique view on communication: approaching health and environmental science issues from a perspective of communication as an interactive process.